Financial Modules - Accounts Payable

The Enterprise accounts payable module is a client based application and is a complete AP module that is capable of handling all of your payable needs from generation of vendor invoices, to issuing of checks and reporting. Because of the integration between the accounting modules and the main MIS system a user will have visibility to purchase order data from within the payable invoice entry screen making it a very simple process to turn a purchase order into a supplier invoice.

A user has a number of options available when selecting which invoices to choose for payment such as filtering by supplier, filtering based on how old the invoice is, filtering based on discount information. The user can also use a manual method while at the same time sorting by supplier and selecting a number of invoices at once to quickly add to a payment batch.

A user can also expect to find the ability to enter manual checks that do not require an invoice, credit note transactions, credit and debit journal transactions. The available transactions allow a user to record any and all transactions that would be necessary to fully and accurately record all payable entries.

The module also includes great ability to view information entered at a transaction level as well as from a supplier level. A user can also expect to find a wide array of reports available. These reports include but are not limited to, the vendor aging report, 1099’s, purchase reports, checks/remittance advice, etc.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. Easily turn a purchase order into a supplier invoice while being able to verify the receiving information done against the purchase order
  2. Enter discount information on the invoice and the check will be written automatically with the discount taken
  3. Utilize a number of options to select invoices that you wish to pay and have added to a payment batch
  4. Ability to enter manual checks that do not require an invoice to be generated
  5. View information from a transaction, batch or supplier level
  6. Ability to place certain invoices and/or suppliers on hold and prevent un-wanted invoices from being paid
  7. Utilize a full suite of accounts payable reports
  8. Set up vendors in such a manner that will print out a balance for the vendor on a 1099 report