Financial Modules - Accounts Receivable

The Enterprise accounts receivable module is a client based application and is a complete AR module that is capable of handling all your receivable needs from invoicing to customer payments and reporting. Because the Enterprise accounting system is directly integrated with the MIS system a user has visibility to all jobs that are entered to the system from within the job close out section. A user is able to see valuable information at this stage such as the total recorded actual cost, whether there are prepayments recorded against the job and even print out the estimated vs. actual report.

During the receipt of payment process there are a number of options available to satisfy any and all needs to record the allocation of payment appropriately. A user will mainly elect to allocate against an invoice or invoices; however there is the ability to record the payment against a specific job number thus creating a prepayment. There’s the added ability, while recording payment, to choose to write off the invoice if short paid or to write off the receipt if overpaid.

Additionally, you will find credit note transactions as well as credit and debit journal transactions available. These transactions allow you a broad range of options to properly and accurately record transactions that need to be applied to a customer account and perhaps offset an already entered transaction such as an invoice to be written off or otherwise credited.

Furthermore, this module allows for great ability to view information entered at a transaction level as well as at a customer level. There is also a full suite of reports allowing for a wide array of information at your quick disposal. These reports include but are not limited to the customer aging report, statements, various sales reports, tax reports, transaction based reports, etc.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. Job close-out function where a user is able to review certain job level information prior to generating the invoice
  2. Offers plenty of flexibility during invoicing to invoice a single job multiple times as well as invoice multiple jobs on a single invoice
  3. Ability to record payments against both invoices as well as against a job number
  4. Includes debit and credit journal transactions
  5. Full suite of reports for all your accounts receivable reporting needs
  6. Includes postage tracking in order to maintain customer balances for postage record keeping
  7. View data at a transaction level, batch level as well as at a customer level
  8. Wide range of options/settings to help conform the module to work best for your specific needs