Financial Modules - Cash Book

The Enterprise cashbook module is a client based application and is capable of handling the recording of any/all cash specific transactions as well as the reconciliation of bank statements. With the full integration of the accounting modules you will see that all AR deposits and all AP payments are uploaded into this module automatically and in real time.

There is an ability to record both payment and receipt type transactions that are cash specific and quickly upload the transactions to the general ledger as journal entries. You are able to create a predefined listing of various transactions that are typically recorded in this module and assign the GL code to the transaction category so that as the transactions are being entered the desired GL code will populate with the transaction seamlessly.

This module also includes a bank reconciliation function. You will be able to see all outstanding transactions on one side of the screen and quickly highlight multiple transactions to mark as reconciled. There are checks and balances in the system to ensure that the reconciliation is not posted as final until the system sees that the reconciliation is accurate and matches to the bank statement. There is also a reconciliation report that can be generated once in balance to provide the details.

Also included in this module is a variety of reports such as the check register, bank statements among others. There is also an ability to view directly on screen various data regarding each of the bank accounts in the system for a quick, in real-time look at what the system has recorded as an available bank balance.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. Ability to setup a number of unique bank accounts to record transactions against
  2. Able to predefine the various transactions that would be recorded and assign default GL codes
  3. Simple transaction entry screen for ease of recording both payment and receipt transactions
  4. A complete bank reconciliation screen
  5. A variety of reports available including but not limited to the check register, bank statements, bank reconciliation, etc
  6. Offers an ability to view data on screen by transaction as well as by bank account
  7. Post recorded transactions quickly and in real-time to the general ledger
  8. Posted batches from both AR and AP are automatically and in real time integrated to this module