Customer Service Modules - CRM

Your customers and prospects are two of the most important assets in your business. EPMS knows that competitors will always be around to take these two assets away from you and we have developed our CRM module to help you focus on client retention and outstanding customer service. In order to do so, you need to have every bit of information about your clients and your sales prospects at your fingertips, in real time and in one place. The CRM module will provide executives and staff with a global graphical view of corporate sales and financial and production performance, while at the same time managing all aspects of customer and prospect related details. Fully integrated with the EPMS print management system, the CRM module pulls together all the business critical information about your company into one module that is both customer centric and business centric.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. Built-in e-mail functionality
  2. Optional Outlook Integration
  3. Ability to track estimates, orders, client correspondence and sales activities all from one module
  4. User customizable views and lists
  5. Access to all client related sales notes, e-mails, history, request for quotes, jobs and estimates
  6. Customizable user-specific Favorites Tab presents calendars, task lists, and e-mail notifications
  7. Instant access to commonly used applications and documents
  8. Customizable Report Tabs to show only reports that the user commonly accesses
  9. Customizable dashboard provides quick access to various charts, gauges and graphs
  10. Ability to easily monitor sales activity, production performance and finance – security protected
  11. Dashboard widgets provide instant drill-down capability to reports supporting the graphical detail
  12. Ability to manage tasks, reminders, meeting schedules
  13. Pop-up and e-mail notifications
  14. Real Time Key Performance Indicators
  15. Identification of top customers
  16. Customer Level Budget/Forecast Management and Tracking
  17. Ability to create a sales budget forecast that will show actuals vs.estimated performance