Customer Service Modules - Overview

Market – leading printing companies understand the value of providing extraordinary customer service. In highly competitive markets, this is what differentiates exceptional companies from all the rest. EPMS has developed a suite of Customer Service modules designed to help its clients become market leaders.

Service is what you deliver to your customer. Exceed their expectations!

The EPMS Customer Service Modules consist of four fully integrated modules that provide the tools to help you service your clients quickly, efficiently and accurately: Estimating, Order Entry, CRM and RFQ. At the heart of this group are the Estimating and Order Entry modules, the foundation upon which the entire Enterprise MIS is built. The RFQ module (Request for Quote),which is both browser based and also client server based , is an extension of the main module, and is designed to assist your salespeople in creating quotes or orders while they are on site with a customer or working from a remote location. CRM (Client Relationship Management) is the module that links the data from all the other modules together. Information about prospects, clients, jobs, finances, etc is readily available, in real time, with extensive drill-down functionality. When used together, these modules form the basis of a robust set of management tools that will increase business efficiencies and enhance customer service activities.