Production Modules - Data Collection

The Enterprise Data Collection module is the perfect complement to the Job Costing module. Data collection from the shop floor eliminates the need for any manual data entry regarding costing and production detail. When the Data Collection module is used on the shop floor, all job related detail is captured in real time as the job moves through the plant. Data capture is done via the use of PC's, Thin Clients, and certain mobile devices.. Bar coding devices may also be used in conjunction with the data collection terminals. Management can determine the level of detail needed for costing and data collection at the time of module set up.

Some key features and benefits of this module are:

  1. Ability to capture data via pc's, thin clients, and bar code devices
  2. Ability to collect data on ganged jobs
  3. Ability to handle multiple shifts in a plant
  4. Easy set up of crews and helpers
  5. Electronic job tickets visible at each terminal location
  6. Change orders instantly visible to production employees
  7. When used with the Inventory module, automatic adjustment of inventory as stock is used
  8. Allows data collection of concurrent work
  9. Allows live job status visibility
  10. Efficiently allows cost center and material selection specific to current job