Customer Service Modules - Estimating

Producing profitable jobs is the goal of any printing business. The Enterprise print management system provides the tools to help company managers reach that goal. At the heart of the Enterprise system is the Estimating module. It is the foundation upon which the rest of the system is built. This module streamlines the entire quoting, order entry, and job planning processes from the time the quote is entered until the time comes to schedule the job and requisition stock. Comprehensive standard reports will help managers analyze key areas of the quoting/order entry process, while at the same time providing information on why jobs were won or lost.

Some key features and benefits of this module are:

  1. Ability to handle/combine multiple styles of workflows in one place and even combine them into one job - Digital, Sheetfed, Web, Flexo, Mailing, Finished Goods, Business Forms, and even custom workflow types. This removes the need to manage different workflows in different applications and/or to have to unnecessarily split estimates and orders into multiples
  2. Configurable Wizard Functionality that will streamline the process of entering estimates into the system. The Wizard will guide the user through the necessary questions based on the type of product they are entering. This reduces mistakes and allows less knowledgeable users to create more sophisticated jobs more easily and more accurately
  3. Powerful Price Setter feature that assists the user in being able to more efficiently negotiate price on a job without losing sight of suggested estimate price, profitability, and value added
  4. Well integrated with a Request For Quote/Order module to more effectively deal with the hand off from Sales/CSRs to Estimating/Job Planning. This capability alerts Estimating that there is a request and gives them an easy way to view/edit/and quote these requests once they've come in
  5. Very easy search/sort/retrieval capabilities that allow you to keep as much historical data as you want and be able to easily retrieve past estimates and make new copies from them. Users can also setup their own personal favorite searches and also their own default search in order to reduce the time it takes to get the information that you need
  6. Extensive Customer based pricing capabilities that allow the system to automatically implement any special customer pricing, discounts, markups, etc. when applicable
  7. Unique multi-plant capabilities that help users manage and plan estimates across multiple plants more efficiently
  8. Automated alerts and warnings that help prevent mistakes such as incorrect sizes, minimum/maximum sizes, forgetting to enter Paper and Inks, using a press capable of running the job, etc
  9. Ability to attach and maintain files against an estimate. For example PDF files, Word Documents, ZIP files, email correspondence, shipping/mailing lists in a spreadsheet, etc. Users will be able to view these attached files on demand
  10. Request for Proposal capability that will let users enter and maintain multiple RFP bids for outside services against the estimate/order. This saves you time by giving you a central/easy to use place to request multiple bids from multiple vendors for a single outside service
  11. Integration to Outlook and other email servers to allow for easy sending of various documents (i.e. Quote Letter, Acknowledgement, Invoice, etc.) via email as an attached PDF. No need to get up and go to a fax machine or even save a PDF file first to the hard drive before attaching it to an email. One click of a button and you're there
  12. Extensive Template database to allow the user to store a library of commonly used estimates and provide easy retrieval of these templates to make data entry quicker and with fewer mistakes