Production Modules - Finished Goods Inventory

Printing companies need to offer diverse services to remain competitive in a fast paced marketplace and managing and warehousing finished goods inventory for clients is quickly becoming one of the most popular services offered by printing companies today. The Enterprise Finished Goods Inventory module will provide the tools that help printing companies offer real fulfillment services, thereby creating a true competitive edge to the business. Tracking and monitoring finished goods inventory and controlling all of the associated costs are simplified with the use of this highly functional management tool. Used in conjunction with the EPMS browser based Finished Goods Orders module, you’ll have a powerful tool to not only manage the inventory but also to allow clients to both monitor stock levels and place on-line orders against their warehoused inventory.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. User definable database
  2. Inventory level tracking in real time
  3. Ability to track and store kits in both assembled and unassembled form
  4. Ability to track inventory in multiple locations
  5. Ability to identify and group inventory by product category or by customer
  6. Ability to generate picking lists for full kits or for individual parts
  7. Ability to attach images to all items
  8. Bar coding to identify and receive goods
  9. Comprehensive reports to analyze availability, on hand values, re-order levels, backorder status, allocations, and adjustments