Financial Lending Partners

EPMS has developed a long term relationship with the folks at Centra Funding, LLC, so if you're interested in financing your new EPMS Software purchase, please contact these folks for details.

Centra Funding, LLC

The expense of running a Printing Business continues to go up, but you still need to add and replace software. Banks are difficult to work, cash flow is a concern and you need to conserve credit lines; what are your options?

One Popular Solution; Use Software Financing on your next purchase.

Take a closer look at this form of financing over your bank, credit card or even paying cash;

    1) Deductible Expense
    2) Proven Alternative
    3) Variable Payments and Flexibility
    4) Protecting Bank Lines
    5) Avoiding Bank Restrictions
    6) Simple and Easy
    7) Payments are Fixed for the Term
    8) Does Not Negatively Affect Personal Credit

The Centra Advantage;

    Soft pulls on credit report
    Simple electronic docs accessible on smart phone
    Nothing down, no check and nothing to overnight

Simply click the link here to take the next step in financing your next purchase.

For our Brochure, CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, please call; 772-559-8193, or

Centra Funding LLC is committed to providing customers with the opportunity to finance prchases with a fast, simple and competitive financing solution.