Production Modules - Inventory

The Enterprise Inventory Control module is a management tool that will provide real assistance in the management and control of sheet stock, roll stock and standard item materials. Inventory turns, valuations, and levels are easily monitored, and management reports provide key data for purchasing decisions, stock level control, and stock investment decisions. When used in conjunction with the EPMS Multi-Plant/Multi-Company licenses, users have the ability to view, monitor and manage inventory across multiple locations. The Inventory module is integrated with all necessary modules in the Enterprise system. EPMS also has several integration tools that will allow you to import inventory items from paper manufacturers and distributors.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. Ability to manage sheet stock, roll stock, standard items, inks and plates
  2. Handles LIFO, FIFO, Average and Standard valuations
  3. User definable database
  4. Allows for an unlimited number of stock items and categories
  5. Allows monitoring of inventory across multiple plants
  6. Bar coding of inventory items (requires bar code scanner module)
  7. On hand, on order and allocated items automatically tracked
  8. Vendors identified with unique vendor id’s for each inventory item
  9. Stock data imported from vendor electronic files
  10. Comprehensive reports to monitor inventory by job and by individual roll, as well as by current on-hand, allocated and available status
  11. Monitors re-order levels and on-order items