3rd Party Integrations - JDF / Workflow

EPMS understands the value of collaboration with other industry partners in order to provide the best possible business solutions to our mutual clients. We continually seek integration partnerships with industry vendors whose products or services are in use at client sites. Engaging in integration partnerships that are mutually beneficial will add value to everyone concerned. These partnerships are usually based around JDF integrations and workflow integrations. EPMS has also, on occasion, provided integration pathways to products that have been custom developed for clients.

All Systems Integration

Workflow Automation Experts

All Systems Integration has been improving the efficiencies of Print and Graphic Arts professionals for more than 20 years. We integrate production workflow components to achieve maximum efficiency. Our solutions include components like MIS (e.g. Enterprise ), File Delivery, Proofing, Preflighting, Imposition, RIPping, Printing, Shipping and Archiving. Let us show you how to reduce touches, reduce turn around times, increase efficiency and increase profits!

Contact one of our Workflow Automation Consultant today! www.allsystems.com | (781) 935-3322 | info@allsystems.com Check out some of our work at www.virtualprepress.com


InSoft Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Imp software from Insoft Automation is an industry leading product for automatic creation of optimized sheet/roll assemblies for printing. The software can calculate the best print and die layouts for jobs of any size and quantity thus making it an ideal tool for estimators. By a single click, estimators can graphically evaluate the best way to lay-out a job(s), while minimizing printing and finishing costs. Estimators can evaluate the trade-off between material efficiency, printing costs and finishing costs to the last penny. Further Imp can be used by Planners and completely eliminates nesting, step and repeat and imposition in prepress. Imp software enabled printers not only to automate planning and layout creation, but also to quote lower to their customers while retaining margins and thus win more business and grow.

Today, it is very common for printers to print wide range of print jobs (flyers to packaging), run both offset and digital presses, on sheet-fed as well as roll-fed formats. Imp software from Insoft Automation is the one and only option for such versatile printers when it comes to planning and creating optimized sheet/roll assemblies on wide range of printing technologies. The level of automation in layout planning with Imp software is unparalleled, but the uniqueness lies in its ability to optimize across a variety of job and machine categories, considering all production variables. It is truly a one stop shop for all imposition and ganging needs. Click here to Learn More!

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Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Automation drives results in printing. This is the foundation of all Impostrip® product developments and today printers swear by Impostrip®’s speed, power, flexibility and ease of use in a digital or hybrid environment. Ultimate TechnoGraphics invented digital imposition with the first release of Impostrip® in 1989, and has continued to play a leading role in the market ever since while providing the most innovative and progressive imposition products. Ultimate today leads in imposition and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of providing and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders including Duplo, Glunz&Jensen, HP, Muller Martini, Ricoh-InfoPrint, Xerox, and others. Learn more at: Ultimate TechnoGraphic


For more than 17 years Rohan Holt, CEO of Metrix® Software, has been advancing the boundaries of productivity, integration, and automation within the graphic arts industry. Rohan pioneered an entirely new class of productivity software that dramatically reduces the material and labor costs related to planning, imposition and spoilage.Metrix assists your estimator by automatically generating "no-rock-left-unturned" manufacturing scenarios, insuring that your pricing is consistently sharp, reliable and profitable. With push-button ease and unparalleled integration, Metrix instantly calculates highest-profit, prepress-ready layouts that precisely conform to the full spectrum of your shop-specific manufacturing variables, including optional presses, sheet sizes and run methods. If 'instantly' isn't quick enough for you, Metrix rules-based scripting modules are the answer to truly "lights-out" automation.Learn More!