Production Modules - Job Costing

The ability to measure each job's contribution to the bottom line is essential to the production of profitable, high quality work. The Enterprise Job Costing module will provide management with the tools to analyze and manage data from the shop floor in real time. Ready access to job profit and loss detail along with information regarding equipment and employee performance will facilitate job related costing decisions when profitability is involved. While Job Costing can be used without Shop Floor Data Collection, it is most valuable when used with that module.

Some key features and benefits of this module are:

  1. Cost Center analysis reporting
  2. Employee productivity reporting
  3. Estimated vs. actual analysis
  4. Material usage reporting
  5. Ability to track employee and cost center productivity
  6. Ability to track house errors and client change orders through to the shop floor
  7. Ability to track non-chargeable time and processes
  8. Ability to allocate gang run costs across all ganged jobs