Product Services

Over the years EPMS has designed several different service programs to help customers implement their systems properly and efficiently. These programs include ongoing training and audit programs that keep users current with new enhancements added yearly to EPMS applications. Based on years of experience, each training program provided by EPMS follows a basic methodology with enough flexibility to meet the customer’s individual business needs. For more detail on these programs, please review the information outlined below, or submit a formal request into support.

Formal Project Management Services

EPMS can be contracted to perform various Project Management tasks during the implementation phase of new Enterprise Systems and/or any of its modules. Actual Project Management needs will vary and will be determined by the specific requirements of the customer’s implementation. Listed below are typical Project Management tasks commonly performed during implementation; however, actual Project Management services can go well beyond what is listed here.

  1. Creation and management of a formal implementation project plan
  2. Implementation task and resource assignment management
  3. On going task updates and status reports
  4. Coordination of implementation project management conference calls for the purpose of project review and control

Online - Web Training

Over the years, EPMS has developed programs to schedule and conduct various product training sessions over the internet. These Web Training Sessions can be scheduled by an individual company and its team members to address specific system training needs. Outlined below are a few different Web based training options available to customers:

  1. One-on-One Web Training Sessions are scheduled and conducted upon request with either an individual or a group from one company. These sessions can be requested via an incident through the EPMS Online Support System. The incident should delineate a specific agenda determined by the client so that EPMS can address specific training needs during the scheduled sessions. One-on-one training sessions are chargeable by the hour and will be invoiced upon completion.
  2. To help existing customers keep their system usage strong, EPMS has developed Pre-Purchased Web Training Package, were training time is pre-purchased in advance from EPMS in incremental bundles of 5 hours each. All bundles are offered at discounted rate. Bundle options are: 5 to 10, 15, 20, 25, on up. Interested customers can get pricing by contacting support.

Formal Training at EPMS Office (In House Training)

The EPMS In House User Training Program provides all new customers and existing users with a thorough understanding of the Enterprise System and its Modules. For New Users, this form of training can be used to kick off or move closer to your implementation Go Live. The User Training Classes are conducted with individuals from the customer’s company only. Different companies will not be trained simultaneously during any of these sessions, thus eliminating subject matters irrelevant to the client and making optimum use of training time.

All In House User Training is conducted in an 8 work-station training center, using a copy of the customer specific database. The EPMS training center allows for quality whole-group instruction, a model vital to consistency, problem solving, and sharing information.

In House User Training at the EPMS Office typically runs from 3 to 10 days depending on the number of modules to be covered and on the customer’s specific implementation and business needs.

Key In House User Training Program Benefits:

  1. Predefined training agenda, based on individual company needs
  2. Focused training objectives
  3. Flexible training schedule
  4. Flexible number of attendees each day (max 8 per day)
  5. All training conducted directly on a copy of the client company’s database
  6. One-on-one company training, no other companies involved
  7. You get to meet and work with other EPMS Team Memebers whom you probably only have spoken to on the phone.

Any new customers or existing users interested in Class Room Training,or who want to scheduling a User Training Class at the EPMS Office are asked to submit a formal request into support. You can also view the current availiblity of the Class Room by clicking the button below.

Class Room Schedule

Formal Training at Customer Location (On Site Training)

EPMS can be contracted to perform On Site User Training at the client's facility. For new users this training will be scheduled and conducted according to your implementation requirements and schedule. For existing users, EPMS will work with you to develop a training agenda that covers all aspects of your system usage needs.

All On Site User Training conducted at the client’s facility will require a suitable training environment in which to conduct the training, such as a conference/training room, unless the requested training is for individuals, who will be trainined separately.

On Site User Training typically runs from 3 to 5 days depending on the number of modules to be covered and on the customer’s specific implementation and business needs.

Any new customers or existing users interested in more On Site Training information,or wanting to scheduling a User Training Class at the EPMS Office are asked to submit a formal request into support.

Custom Report Writing

The Enterprise System is sold with a standard suite of reports that collects and analyzes data in a simple and useful format to analyze and monitor print shop activities. Although these reports are adequate for most companies, some prefer to have them customized to better fit their specific business reporting needs.

All EPMS system reports are developed using Crystal Reports, which is a third party report writing tool. Along with Crystal, EPMS uses a Query Analyzer, and Microsoft SQL server tools, to extract data into stored procedures or queries, which drive to the reports.

Although some customers do make basic format changes such as font, size, and color, using Crystal, most will contract EPMS for their custom report development needs, because we have years of report writing experience along with expertise in Enterprise System and its database. As an added benefit, all reports developed by EPMS are covered under the EPMS Service and Support Plan, so clients do not have to be concerned with bringing their reports up to date with each new upgrade. EPMS will do it for them.

Customers interested in more information regarding EPMS Custom Report Writing Service, or wanting to go a head with a custom report project are asked to submit a formal request and specification into support.

Custom Application Development

EPMS will consider custom development projects for existing customers when the project is specifically related to direct use of any EPMS application. Existing customers who wish to have EPMS consider a custom development project should submit a clearly defined specification via a support incident, into support. Upon receipt of that incident and specification, EPMS will give consideration to taking on the project. If the project is accepted, a formal quote for the work outlined in the specification will then be sent out. When the terms of the quote are accepted, signed, and faxed back to EPMS, the project will be scheduled for development.

Database Import Services (DTS)

EPMS can be contracted to assist customers in the construction of their new Enterprise Database, commonly referred to as a Data Shell, by performing various Database Import Tasks (DTS), from specified data files provided by the customer. Listed below are examples of common types of data that can be imported into the Enterprise Database:

  1. Customer and contact information
  2. Supplier and contact information
  3. Material list
  4. Cost Center Detail
  5. Process Detail

Existing customers interested in contracting EPMS to perform one or more database import tasks (DTS) during the implementation phase of a new Enterprise System, may submit a foraml requests via support.

Post Implementation System Audits

With all the challenges we are faced with in running a business these days, the health and strength of your MIS System can sometimes be ignored. EPMS recognizes this as a problem for customers that have been using their system for at least 5 years, and we have developed a Remote Audit Program at a new fixed price to help you solve this problem. This program is designed to improve the EPMS client's utilization of the Enterprise System by implementing enhancements and improvements made to the system over the years as well as changes to the client's business work flow that have occurred overtime.

The overall objective of this program is to make sure you are using the Enterprise System to its fullest potential in your business, and receiving the highest possible ROI.