Production Modules - Purchasing

The Enterprise Purchasing Module streamlines and simplifies the entire purchasing process by saving time, ensuring accuracy, and helping to maintain control so that nothing slips through the cracks. When used with the Inventory Control module, accuracy in the receipt of goods and adjustments to inventory is ensured. Comprehensive reports provide information on all open and closed purchase orders by vendor and job with the added advantage of providing instant access to historical data.

Some key features and benefits of this module are:

  1. Full integration to Inventory Control and Enterprise Accounts Payable
  2. Ability to raise purchase orders for both job and non-job related goods and services
  3. Ability to customize purchase order forms
  4. Management of material receipts
  5. Ability to store comprehensive vendor data base
  6. Ability to store vendor price lists and discounts
  7. Ability to track status of all purchase orders