Customer Service Modules - RFQ

The Enterprise RFQ/RFO module is both a client and browser based applictaion. The primary users of this module are sales people and internal staff who work remotely from the office to request Quotes or enter Orders by entering specs selected from a controlled list of materials and Prepress and Postpress processes. Templates may also be provided for easy selection by the user. Pricing is then made available on the web site for the customer to view and accept as well as convert to an order, once a Request for Quote or Request for Order is placed. While this module is not meant to take the place of an external Web 2 Print application, there are times when it might make sense to give certain clients access to this module when they want to request a quote.

Some of the key features of this module are:

  1. Uploading of files prepared by the customer to accompany RFQ
  2. Select whether a Sales rep or CSR receives a confirmation email when an RFQ or RFO has been entered
  3. Utilizes a customizable Wizard to give the user an easy step by step process when entering an RFQ
  4. Feeds directly into estimating system in real time so the estimator does not have to rekey any of the data entered through the RFQ
  5. Online quoting option available so that certain user defined wizards can give an instantaneous price quote online
  6. Designed to be used remotely, and particularly useful for sales reps out in the field
  7. Client and Browser based version of the application both available
  8. Ability to view Quote online once the RFQ has been turned into an estimate