Production Modules - Scheduling

Good Time Management for Profitable Results

The Enterprise Scheduling module is designed to assist busy printing plants with the management of production workflow and job planning in an easily accessible graphical display format. Fully integrated with the other Enterprise modules, the Scheduling module provides detailed job information on all cost centers, in real time. Readily accessible shop capacity load and job status detail data help to identify production problems before they escalate. When used in conjunction with the Job Costing and Shop Floor Data Collection modules, the scheduling module will display real-time job and cost center status as the job moves through the shop. For multi-plant organizations, the ability to schedule work across plants and see cost center capacities at each location, streamlines the entire job planning process and enhances customer service efforts.

Some key features and benefits of this module are:

  1. Ability to Auto Schedule or manually schedule jobs
  2. Ability to schedule jobs forward or backward from specific due dates or start dates
  3. Optimization calculations based on loads and capacities
  4. Production sequences for cost centers easily established
  5. Graphical displays of cost center and process status are easily accessible
  6. Extensive drill down capabilities for instant information
  7. Readily available Master Schedule reports
  8. Comprehensive job tracking reports
  9. Gang run scheduling capability
  10. Ability to schedule jobs across multiple plants
  11. View job related data such as Outside Purchase and material status
  12. Ability to by drag and drop work among similar cost centers
  13. View change orders
  14. Ability to create “what if” planning scenarios