Production Modules - Shipping

The Shipping Module in Enterprise will enable the client company to efficiently manage the movement of products and materials to a customer, a vendor for Outside Services, or directly to the in-house inventory for both completed items to be used in fulfillment services as well as preprinted shells held for further production operations.Shipping lists may be imported within the module allowing for error free handling of large lists of destinations. Each shipment entered into the system can be composed of one or several packages, where each package may be identified with a unique identifier or several may be grouped for a single consolidated shipment. The module can be interfaced with various carrier systems integrating shipping charges and tracking information in the database. The controls available to be set as defaults within the system allow for simple status change of jobs from In Process to Completed preventing inadvertent delays and due to orders being out of sight

Some key features and benefits of this module are:

  1. Easy to understand and use controls
  2. Ability to ship to multiple addresses
  3. Automated List Imports
  4. Automated closeout of orders including invoicing is available
  5. Split shipments
  6. Mandatory deduction from inventory of Finished Good items
  7. Integrated listing of customer specific ship to addresses
  8. Defaulted client preferred shipment service levels and carrier preferences by destination
  9. Direct link to accounting modules and specific and freight accounts