Customer Testimonials

Jason Hoffman, Fineline Printing

Over the past 4 years Fineline has made great strides in documenting and standardizing our processes. Throughout this process it became apparent we needed to invest in a new Print Management Information System. We did not want to compromise the improvements we’ve implemented and EPMS was the system that allowed us to do that. Their system is robust enough to handle the most complicated of manufacturing processes and customer requests while being flexible enough to fit our existing workflow. It was important to us that our potential MIS vendor understand our needs and EPMS took the extra time to do just that. This attentiveness did not end after the though. Customer Support responds promptly to helpdesk requests and they are always a phone call or WebEx away if the questions need special attention. This level of service does not end with the Customer Service department either. Our workflow consists of many custom developed applications which require direct connection to the MIS database and EPMS is a true open system. Not only do they allow you connect directly their data and processes but they encourage it. With six months implementation and almost 12 months live on EPMS, the transition is complete, our processes have stabilized, and we are 100% focused on improvement and efficiency. Without EPMS, we would have never seen such benefit and in such a short period of time.

Chuck Eingle, CFO, Quick Tab II, Inc.

Our relationship with EPMS has been for over 16 years. We have experienced a superior Company committed to customer service and continual enhancement of their system in response to customer needs and ever changing technologies. When we began with Enterprise, QT2 was strictly a business forms printer producing a high volume of short to medium size orders, typically with very short turn times (same day rushes are common). We maintain inventories of many hundreds of items, both purchased and manufactured internally. Maintaining accurate perpetual inventories as well as job tracking in real time is critical in this environment. The EPMS system meets these needs extremely effectively – our CSR’s can find out in seconds if we have the inventory to meet the emergency needs of our customers as well as the immediate status and location of any in process or completed order (including tracking information where applicable). Whether you are looking for a raw material, a customer’s previous order, or nearly any imaginable information – the search capabilities of EPMS are phenomenal – the best I’ve seen in any system. Thru the years, we’ve progressed from business forms into commercial print (web, offset and digital) as well as fulfillment and mailing services. We have found Enterprise equally adept at fulfilling our needs in all of these areas. A company is only as good as its people – EPMS shines in this respect. Chris, Joanne and the rest of the support staff are great to work with. Their response times are excellent and they are always willing to take the time to walk us through problems, provide training to our employees, and implement suggestions. As a final testimony to EPMS, I need to mention that, a few years ago, we returned to Enterprise after an 18 month period of pursuing the promises of another very prominent print management system. This lesson taught us just how good EPMS is and made us realize that we were lax in keeping up with the ongoing enhancements in system capabilities (which EPMS continually does) – a very expensive lesson for us. EPMS is a quality Company and we value them as true partners.

Nick De Tomaso, Jakprints

After an intense six month selection process, comparing a large number of vendors with each other, the result was a decision to move forward with EPMS' Enterprise. We invest all of our own creativity and proprietary streamlining of our customers' process on the front end of our development. Enterprise allows us to integrate with their existing technology on the back end to run the rest of the business efficiently, integrating with Metrix, which allows for us to really reap the benefits of gang-run printing, but still collect cost metrics on every individual job component that runs through our shop. The EPMS team is very focused on making sure the system works well for their clients and that they are getting the most out of the system at all times, even as their business model evolves. We look forward to a strong and long –lasting partnership with the EPMS family.

Kristi Dannelly, Magna IV

When Magna IV Communications decided to set about incorporating lean manufacturing techniques in their operations and administrative workflows, the first order of business was to replace its existing Management Information System. After a year long due diligence process, we selected EPMS' Enterprise system because of its robust features, seamless integration between modules and the willingness of EPMS leadership to make custom modifications for us. Out of all the systems we reviewed, Enterprise was the only system to offer true end-to-end automation, from receiving Web2Print storefront orders, auto-creating jobs, and auto-invoicing and shipping. After 9 months of being live on Enterprise, Magna IV has achieved significant reductions in the touch points necessary to process jobs.

Ruby Thomas, Harmony Printing

I want to reiterate – EMPS Customer Support is EXCEPTIONAL! Chris and Joanne do an amazing job. We can count on them to respond almost instantly. They help us resolve issues and keep us operational, whether it's through a GoToMeeting or just pointing us in the right direction. I have worked with many MIS /Estimating systems in my very long career and have never experienced the support we get from your team. Last week, when we attempted the upgrade to 11.2 and encountered many issues --- mostly our own server issues --- Joanne stayed with us, opened a GoToMeeting and helped get back up and running. She is amazing. I think too often we are quick to criticize but fail to acknowledge when someone goes beyond our expectations. I don't know what we would have done without her help last week. EPMS Customer Support Team is the number one reason we will continue to evolve using Enterprise.

Joe Metzger, Metzgers Printing

As a company whose business processes were mostly paper-based, it was becoming increasingly difficult to organize the flow of paper and information through the company. It quickly became obvious that a computer based job management system was a necessity to help the business grow. Many different products were looked at, and a demo of Enterprise32 was scheduled. We were impressed with the responsiveness of the support team, sales team, and implementation team. All of the initial questions and concerns with the product, from equipment requirements to functionality, were answered quickly. There were many reasons why we ultimately chose to deploy Enterprise32. Being a small company, we were impressed with the attention to customer service that was displayed by the Enterprise staff, which continued after deployment. From the responsiveness to technical support issues, to the development team welcoming product enhancement requests, we continue to appreciate this attention. The value of the investment and available features were another important factor in our decision. When I compared Enterprise to the other MIS systems for the small to medium sized printer, we found the price to value ratio to be huge. Our system has all the features of a Hagen OA or any other Print Café system, yet not the huge price tag. The system is managed internally, so no one knows more about our company than us. This is very important in business. Basically, we were able to deploy a system which met all of our needs, from estimating and job tracking to warehouse and delivery.

Enterprise32 has become imperative to the success of our business. Due to the intuitive interface, our employees are able to quickly accomplish simple tasks that took hours in the past, from finding a previous job number or invoice to viewing reports which track daily jobs and estimates. Speaking of estimates, Enterprise32 enables us to send estimates to our customers within 2 hours, many times sooner. This not only helps our customers, but gives us the edge against the competition. Due to Enterprise32 utilizing the Crystal Reports engine for reporting, our Information Systems staff has been able to customize all of our reports to show the data that is most important and helpful. The past, today and in the future... Our company would not be able to grow as much as we have without our Enterprise32 installation.

Michael Sullivan, Envelopes & More

Several years ago, we decided to change our print management system. At the time, the market was flooded with these systems, and we saw demos and met with nearly all of them. The one company that stood out, and the one we decided upon, was Enterprise Print Management Solutions. The Enterprise 32 system is exceptionally flexible, and allowed us to customize the workflow to fit our needs. The types of reports it can generate are virtually limitless and help us to make informed decisions about our company. And most importantly, the system is easy to use.

While these were all factors in our decision to purchase the Enterprise 32 system, the one thing that really stood out with the company was its people. The staff has always been courteous, quick to respond, and positive. In all the years of dealing with them, they have never said “No” to any of our suggestions or requests, and all of our needs have become functions of the system in subsequent releases. They are more than “tech support” or “instructors”; they are like partners.

They have a real desire to understand our business, and find new ways to make the system work better for us. I can not recommend them highly enough, and still feel that entering a business relationship with them was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.